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2023 SEED GARLIC PRICING:   We have had robust sales and supplies are limited for 2023. You may also lock in the same pricing for 2024 by sending a message through this website or calling us directly to pre-order for 20-24. We will also be adding German Red garlic seed for 2024. Again, please use contact button/form and request details and options. Thank you!

Please use the Shop drop down menu to select between Culinary and Seed grade garlic.


Culinary is usually garlic bulbs smaller in size (usually less than 2 1/4 inches) which is easier to handle in the home Kitchen or Restaurant. Seed Garlic is usually our largest bulbs (greater than 1 3/4 inches) in which you use the largest cloves to plant. Large cloves usually lead to larger and in our experience more vigorous plants.

All of our garlic is grown using "Organic Methods" meaning we use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on our farm. We source all our seed that we plant from a certified organic seed farm.

Please contact us for special pricing and shipping on orders over 25 lbs. 

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